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**Blitz, Character Interview, & Giveaway ~ Mistletoe & Hollywood ~ Natasha Boyd & Kate Roth**

I'm thrilled to be participating in the blitz for Mistletoe & Hollywood. I have a character interview for y'all below, as well as all the info on the book, the authors and their series, and a giveaway!

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Mistletoe & Hollywood CoverMistletoe & Hollywood
Jack Eversea and Evan Weston, two of Hollywood’s hottest young actors had their hearts stolen by regular down to earth girls, and we lived and laughed and loved their stories in the Eversea Series and in the Desire Resort Series. But what happened when the books were over?
How did each couple choose to spend their first Christmas? Was it sexy, emotional, stressful or heartwarming?
Perhaps it was everything and more…
My Star, My Love (An Eversea Series Novella) by Natasha Boyd
Movie star, Jack Eversea, has decided to brave his history with England and take the love of his life, Keri Ann Butler, home to meet his mother for Christmas. He’s been back in California and Keri Ann’s been busy with art school, and they are desperate to spend three weeks together over the Holidays.
But Jolly Old England does weird things to Jack. And despite his super sweet “twelve days of Christmas” gift giving, Keri Ann can’t quite work out of he’s about to propose or regrets bringing her home. Is he still questioning whether she can handle a few paparazzi, or is he doubting Keri Ann’s commitment to their future?
The magnetic couple is back in a fun, sometimes poignant, and super sexy story about acceptance, love and how to make love quietly in a creaky old house with one’s mother down the hall.
Many Times, Many Ways (A Desire Resort Series Novella) by Kate Roth
Vacation is over.
Danielle was escaping her monotonous life at a sexy beach resort when she first fell under the spell of Hollywood hunk, Evan Weston, but now they’re trying to make their relationship work in the real world.
While they’re both hopeful for what lies ahead, the only question is whether or not their desires for the future are one and the same.
Things have always moved quickly between Evan and Danielle, but Danielle can’t stave off the lingering anxiety she has once she finds out about Evan’s big plans—and even bigger Christmas gift. Can she continue to let go of the worry that plagues her so the man of her dreams can give her the life she never imagined she’d have?
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Check out the previous books in the Desire Resort series!
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Natasha Boyd
Natasha Boyd

Natasha Boyd
Natasha Boyd is a writer with a background in marketing and public relations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and lives in the coastal Carolina Lowcountry, complete with Spanish moss, alligators and mosquitoes the size of tiny birds. She has a husband, two sons and a cat named Tuna. Eversea is her first full-length novel.
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Kate RothKate Roth
Inspired by music, film, art and the wealth of stories she has heard through her career as a professional hair stylist, Kate Roth decided to get real about her love of writing in 2008. She signed up for a course after-hours at the local high school called ‘So You Want To Write A Book?’. Indeed, she did! For years Kate had been dreaming up love stories in her head and she’d even managed to write a few of them down but it was that class that gave her the drive to finally do something more with her ideas. The ideas haven’t stopped flowing since. She enjoys writing in all sub-genres of romance and even has a few surprises up her sleeve for the future. She is a small business owner and lives in Indiana with her husband, Adam and their dog, Sampson.
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Evan Weston

You have something good lined up for this takeover?

10/2, 10:19pm  Jack Eversea

uh no.

10/2, 10:19pm Evan Weston



10/16, 12:43pm Evan Weston


10/16, 12:49pm Jack Eversea


10/16, 12:50pm Evan Weston

Oh interviews

10/16, 12:52pm Jack Eversea

Uh yeah. So how are you?

10/16, 12:53pm Evan Weston

not bad, busy. you?

10/16, 12:53pm Jack Eversea

and where the f*ck are you? You haven't been in town for ever.
At least not when I'm around which I grant you, hasn't been much!

10/16, 12:54pm Evan Weston

Bro, keep up. I moved to NYC to film my new show

10/16, 12:54pm Jack Eversea

oh yeah!  Congrats on that, by the way. 
How is it going? You like the part?

10/16, 12:55pm Evan Weston

It's amazing. I can't wait for people to see it. 
It's a different kind of role for me. Finally I'm not 
playing a cop or a fucking drag racer.
What's going on with you? What are you working on?
uhh maybe my disdain for Speed Thrills 
should be cut from the final draft of this interview HA

10/16, 12:57pm Jack Eversea

HAHA. Yeah, you were getting a bit type cast. 
After doing Erath and now Dread Pirate Roberts, I 
was thinking if I don't wear leather in a movie it'd kill my career. 
Was relieved to do that movie about the artist in England. Hoping 
we'll hit some of the awards this year. Oops, yeah, better not throw 
every goddamn movie under the bus.

10/16, 12:58pm Jack Eversea

So how are you and that girl you met at Desire 
(PS Can't believe you go there, dude. Guess you 
weren't getting enough sex huh? poor you.)
You guys getting serious?

10/16, 1:00pmEvan Weston

Damn no need to be cruel. I owe 
Desire some thanks now because of her. 
Yeah, its serious. It's been fast but...very serious. 
How's Keri Ann? Things still working out after 
the Audrey mess?

10/16, 1:04pmJack Eversea

Wow, so it's for real, huh? I haven't heard you
say that in a long time. Maybe forever. I'm happy 
for you, man. Yeah, it's going great with KA. Thank God. It was a
nightmare for a while there. Can't believe one girl can be such a 
b*tch (<~ Audrey that is.) Hate to even say their names in the same sentence. Keri Ann is amazing. And she's so damned talented she blows my mind. What sucks is wanting to live there all the time, but I don't want to rush her, you know? And she's got school and what not. So are you spending Christmas together? Is it THAT serious?

10/16, 1:07pmEvan Weston

That's awesome, man. I'm happy for you. 
The long-distance thing blows but you can make it work. 
Yeah Danielle and I are doing Christmas together. Never thought 
you'd see the day. huh? I think this it. What are your holiday plans?
This year has been a freaking blur.  I can't believe we are even 
talking about Christmas

10/16, 1:12pmJack Eversea

Holy sh*t. You're right, I didn't think I'd see the day. 
But yeah, it's pretty amazing isn't it? God, we 
sound like a couple of whipped puppies, but I wouldn't trade it/her 
for anything. Yeah, this year has been crazy. If you can believe it,
I'm braving England again (twice in one year ~ kill me now) 
so I can take KA to meet my mother. 
And for what it's worth, I know I only met your mom once way 
back when, but I think she'd be cheering you on big time. 
Dani seems like a really great girl. Hopefully we 
can all get together sometime. The girls can compare notes on how 
they put up with our crazy shi*t.
At some point we gotta do the interview: 

Favorite alcoholic beverage? (who comes up with these 
questions?) LOL

10/16, 1:16pmEvan Weston

Thanks, man. That's really nice of you to say that. 
(cue the "awww") We will get together soon. Double 
date. how domestic of us! 

Okay, okay. Interview, right. On a regular day it's beer. I like a good pale ale. But when I'm going serious, I'm a tequila man. Margarita on the rocks or sometimes just straight patron on ice. You? And next question, What job would you take if you weren't acting?

10/16, 1:22pm Jack Eversea

Super domesticated. Next we'll be vacationing together. 
Ha. Couples Retreat, all the laughs and none of the drama. 
And NO yoga instructor! *shudder* boom boom boom

Answer: If I wasn't acting I'd be a builder. I was gonna say architect, but they never gets their hands dirty. Plus the thought of seven years of school is comparable to pouring a bottle of Texas Pete in my eyes. 

Okay, you next: A year of no sex or dinner with your ex-wife?

10/16, 1:27pm Evan Weston

Oh hell. Well, at the rate Dani and I are going I couldn't go a year. 
Not even close. I guess I'd brave dinner with Kim 
(fuck, is she gonna read this?). She's moved on, I've 
moved on. At some point we'll be able to shake hands and leave it 
at that I think. Dani has uh...made me grow up a little.
everyone knows where I like to go...where's the perfect vacation 
locale for you (aside from lowcountry, of course)?

10/16, 1:34pmJack Eversea

Oh man, TMI, dude! But really, good for you. 
Sometimes, It's the best way to connect, you know 
('scuse the pun) to remind you both that whatever other shit is going on, you guys are copacetic. Ha, I feel like I corrupted KA a bit, just can't seem to keep my hands off her! 
So yes the Lowcountry for obvious reasons. 
But also really love skiing - a snow vacation in 
Tahoe. Big fires when you're tired from skiing all day. The best. You and Dani should come with us sometime to Devon's place. You can practically ski from the front door. 

So, what would YOU be doing if you weren't an actor?

10/16, 1:43pmEvan Weston

Ah, yeah. I've never done much skiing. That could be cool. 
Talk about TMI, I don't need to hear how 
you corrupted the poor girl! (but seriously, high five.)
I haven't a clue what I'd be doing if I weren't acting. 
I've been doing it since I was a kid. There was never anything else for me. I guess I'd go to college and see what's out there. Something would draw me in. If all else fails...I become Magic Mike. Problem solved.
What one think can you not live without? (not a person, a thing)


10/16, 6:06pmJack Eversea

Ha - thanks for the high five. LOL 
Ooooooh tough question. I've been better about material stuff 
recently. I used to care more about 'Stuff" you know? Now I just care about people and happiness. Don't I sound so evolved? Okay 
maybe I have a favorite pair of jeans. Whatever.
And seriously? you ever become Magic Mike let me know. 
THAT I have to see. HA Final Question: What's next for Evan Weston? Your new show is a hit. Are you enjoying New York, do you see your future there?


9:44amEvan Weston

I'm loving filming the show, it's great 
great critical reviews and I can't wait for it to start airing. 
New York is really great. It's a totally different vibe than LA.
 I'm not sure why I didn't move here years ago. Of course, 
the best part about it is that I' close to Danielle in Philadelphia... 
What's next for me? Oddly enough when I think about my future 
these days I'm not super concerned about what that means 
for my career. My future looks like her right now. 
What's next for long as Dani doesn't come to her senses, 
is a life with her. *gag* God, I know I sound like 
such a sap! What has this woman done to me?!

9:45amEvan Weston

So, let's wrap this up, friend. What's next 
for Jack Eversea? More indie films? Less spotlight? Life in the 


3:22pmJack Eversea

I'm not gagging. Crazy as it sounds - I get it. Sappy looks good on us LOL. 
Same boat here, I guess. I'm wrapping up post production for 
my latest and reading a few scripts. Indie Films sound good. Less 
hoopla, you know? But honestly, after my next commitment I'll be 
taking some time and really picking and choosing so I can be closer to Keri Ann while she finishes school. I can't wait to share the Christmas present I bought her! Can't tell you though, sorry dude. But it'll mean my future will definitely have a lot of her in it. Sounds like you and I are growing up, who would have thought... ? 

It's been great to catch up. Next time let's do it over a beer. 
Peace out

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  1. I LOVE this interview!! Jack and Evan always crack me up, LOL and having a double interview going on between these two is something priceless! Thanks for sharing, Brandee, and hope you'll get to read the books at some point! ;)

  2. Thanks for being part of the tour Brandee !

  3. My pleasure, Natasha! I loved the character interview. :) I'm looking forward to getting to know Jack and Evan even better!

  4. They're fun guys, huh? I want to read these as well Lily. And the first books in each series are only 99 cents. ;)

  5. It cracked me up too, Silvia! I'm hoping to get to know these guys better really soon! ;)

  6. Hehehehe! Whipped puppies! I bet they are! Great post Brandee!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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