Tuesday, November 11, 2014

**A Month of Giving Thanks #3**

Berls @Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @Because Reading are hosting A Month of Giving Thanks. I thought it was a great idea as Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday and I'm grateful for so many things. I may not manage a post every day but I wanted to kick off the month right.


I'm grateful for having friends who read - and who will travel to exotic locales, such as *ahem* Cincinnati, Ohio, to attend a indie book convention. This particular friend I'm referring to is Denise. She agreed to go to Queen City Indie Con with me so we could meet some fabulous authors...we met Samantha Young! And Aleatha Romig! And Tara Sivec! And LP Dover! And so many other fabulous and talented authors. I had to giggle every time an author asked her what she read, her reply was "whatever she tells me to read." 


  1. I wish we could go to a convention together... that would be awesome!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. How awesome! I wish I had friends that liked to read - thankfully Felicia lives around here and she's started connecting me to local bookworms. Looking forward to RT though - that's going to be so awesome (and Dallas is a better location at least lol)!


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