Monday, November 3, 2014

**A Month of Giving Thanks ~ #2**

Berls @Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @Because Reading are hosting A Month of Giving Thanks. I thought it was a great idea as Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday and I'm grateful for so many things. I may not manage a post every day but I wanted to kick off the month right.


I'm grateful for having children who are readers! My oldest daughter recently admitted to us that she used to use a flashlight and read under her covers once we'd tucked her into bed. :) I have pictures of my son (if they were easy to access, I'd show you) surrounded by books and asleep where he'd been reading. My younger daughter likes to re-read books over and over - she says she always get something more. And of course, since they read I can put them work writing reviews here. Well, at least two of them. Yep, I'm talking about you, Berk. ;)


  1. Your children are simply AWESOME, Brandee!! :D

    1. LOL Well, thank you, Silvia. I think so too, but I'm a bit biased. ;)

  2. That is so great! I wish my stepson were a reader - he occasionally gets into a comic book or graphic novel, but reading really isn't his thing. His little brother actually put books on his Christmas list this year though, so I'm thrilled about that. I'm glad we're close to my stepsons family - now I get to shop for books for someone else :D

  3. That is fantastic! My parents were readers and as a kid I was an avid reader, still am. My sister didn't read much growing but now she enjoys it and does it voluntarily. :) YAY for raising readers!

  4. My kids don't like reading, well my daughter can't read yet so maybe I still have a chance with her :) But my son says it's boring he totally takes after his dad ;)

  5. I love that your daughter admitted that to you. So cute, I love it! I'm also so grateful my kids love books as much as I do. :) My son used to pick out a book every night to sleep with after I read to him, lol. The book always ended up on the floor by morning 'cause he's a wild sleeper. :) I loved reading your daughter's review and am looking forward to your kids writing more! Put those kids to work, lol.


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