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An archive of all of the reviews I have done thus far:

**last updated 21 August 2017
Please forgive the mod for any alphabetization or spelling mistakes


Acosta, Heidi
     Barbie Girl
     Barbie World
Admans, Jaimie
     Afterlife Academy
Adrian, Lara
     For 100 Days
     For 100 Nights
Aitken, Elena
     Unexpected Gifts
Akers, L.L.
     Captured Again
     Let Me Go
Alexander, Kindle
Alexander, Margaret E.
     The Executioner at the Institute for Contaminated Children
Anastasia, Debra
Anderson, Jodie Lynn
     The May Bird Trilogy (Jax Reviews)
Anderson, Toni
     Dark Waters
Andre, Bella
     Always On My Mind
     The Look of Love
Andrews, Ilona
     Magic Rises
     Silver Shark
Archer, S.A.
     Secrets of the Dark
Arend, Vivian
     Rocky Mountain Heat
Armentrout, Jennifer L.
Arroyo, Elizabeth
     The Second Shadow
     The Second Sign
Ashley, Devon
     Nearly Broken
     Nearly Mended
Ashley, Katie
     The Proposition
Ashley, Kristen
     The Deep End
     Lady Luck
     Mystery Man
     Penmort Castle
     Ride Steady
     Rock Chick
     Rock Chick Reawakening
     Rock Chick Reckoning
     Rock Chick Redemption
     Rock Chick Regret
     Rock Chick Renegade
     Rock Chick Rescue
     Rock Chick Revenge
     Rock Chick Revolution
     Rock F*ck Club
     Sweet Dreams
     Walk Through Fire
Aster, Avery
     Love, Lex
     Yours Truly, Taddy
Aster, Willow
     In the Fields
Aston, Jana
     Love in Transit

Baggot, Mandy
     Taking Charge
Bailey, Alison G.
     Present Perfect
     Presently Perfect
Banks, Maya
     Highlander Most Wanted
     In Bed with a Highlander
     Never Love a Highlander
     Never Seduce a Scot
     Seducing a Highland Lass
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
     Raised by Wolves
     Trial by Fire
Barry, C.J.
Barth, Christi
     Romancing the Holiday
Beckett, Macy
     Sultry with a Twist
Bell, Audrey
     Carry Your Heart
     The Fall of January Cooper
Bell, Shelly
     White Collared: Greed
     White Collared: Mercy
Bennett, Sawyer
     Off Sides
     Sugar Bowl Series
Bleu, Sophia
     Catching Liam
Bohrman, Barbie
     Something More Than This
Booth, Karen
     Back Forever
     The Best Man's Baby
     Bring Me Back
     The CEO Daddy Next Door
     Hiding in the Spotlight
     Love My Way
     Pregnant by the Billionaire
     Pregnant by the Rival CEO
     The Ten-Day Baby Takeover
Bowen, Sarina
Brae, Christine
     His Wounded Light
     The Light in the Wound
Brewster, Alicia Wright
Brown, Pierce
     Red Rising
Briggs, Patricia
     Alpha and Omega
     Cry Wolf
     Frost Burned
     Hunting Ground
Bromberg, K.
Brown, Carolyn
     The Barefoot Summer
Brux, Boone
     Death Times Two
Burrowes, Grace
     The Duke's Obsession Trilogy
Burton, Kaci
     Romancing the Holiday

Cadiz, Annabell
Cain, Lily
     No Reservations
Camaron, Chelsea
     One Ride
Canosa, Jamie
     Sink or Swim
Carlie, Angela
     Jenny's Blue Velvet
Carlino, Renee
     Sweet Thing
Carmack, Cora
     All Lined Up
Carroll-Bradd, Linda
     Rekindled Dreams
Carter, Eve
Casey, Elle
     Wrong Number, Right Guy
Casey, L.A.
     Until Harry
Castle, Kendra Leigh
     Dark Awakening
Cates, Georgia
      Beauty from Pain
Centeno, Kristy
     Keeper of the Lost Souls
Chardou, Selene
     Love TKO
Chase, Loretta
     Lord of Scoundrels
Chastain, Rebecca
     Tiny Glitches
Chidley, Elise
     Your Roots are Showing
Christopher, Lucy
Colapinto, John
Cole, Kresley
     Dark Deeds at Night's Edge
     A Hunger Like No Other
     No Rest for the Wicked
     The Warlord Wants Forever
     Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night
Cole, Scarlett
     The Strongest Steel
Colette, Jeannine
     Wild Abandon
Collins, Suzanne
     The Hunger Games Trilogy
Cooper, J.S.
     The Last Boyfriend
     The Last Husband
Corwin, Amy
     A Fall of Silver
Croft, Sydney
     Riding the Storm
Cross, Maya
Crouch, Erica
Crownover, Jay
Cruise, Anna
Cuevas, Kerri
     Deadly Kisses
Cullinan, Heidi
     Nowhere Ranch
Cummings, Donna
     Lord Rakehell's Love
     Lord Wastel

Dahl, Victoria
     Close Enough to Touch
Danielewski, Mark Z.
     House of Leaves (Sky Reviews)
Dare, Tessa
     The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright
Dark, Dannika
     Five Weeks
     Four Days
     One Second
     Seven Years
     Six Months
     Two Minutes
Darlington, Sarah
     Changing Tides
     He Belongs With Me
     Kill Devil Hills
Davis, Kyra
     Exposed: Just One Night Part 2
     Just Once More
     Just One Lie
     The Stranger
Dawn, Nyrae
Dawson, Jennifer
Dawson, Zoe
     Groomed for Murder
Day, Sylvia
     A Touch of Crimson
Dee, Sunniva
     Shattering Halos
Demeter, Rachel L.
     The Frost of Springtime
Demetrios, Heather
     I'll Meet You There
Derrick, Zoey
     The Reason Series
Dimon, HelenKay
     Romancing the Holiday
Dionne, Erin
     The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet
     The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet -- Berk Reviews
D'Lacey, Chris
     A Dark Inheritance -- Jax Reviews
Dodd, Jillian
     That Boy
Donovan, Rebecca
     Out of Breath
Douglas, Penelope
Duggan, C.J.
     The Boys of Summer
     An Endless Summer
     Paradise City
     Paradise Road
Duval, Christine
     Freshman Forty
     Positively Mine

Edwards, Hailey
Ee, Susan
     World After
Ehrlich, Sigal
Elks, Carrie
     Halfway Hidden
Ellis, Aven
     Waiting for Prince Harry
Ellis, Lisa D.
     Finding Lily
Ellis, Madelynne
     All Fired Up
     All Night Long
     Come Undone
Ellisson, C.J.
     Death Times Two
     Vampire Vacation
Emerson, Kevin
     The Lost Code
Erin, Aileen
     Becoming Alpha
Evans, Jessica F.F.
Evans, Katy
Evangelista, Kate
     Romancing the Bookworm

Falls, S.K.
     Secret for a Song
Farmer, Nancy
     The Sea of Trolls
Fawkes, Sara
     Breathe Into Me
Fewings, Vanessa
     Enthrall Her
     Enthrall Him
Fforde, Katie
     A Perfect Proposal
Firasek, Rachel
Fisher, Sharon Lynn
     Before She Wakes: Forbidden Fairy Tales
Flannery, Kat
     Blood Curse
Flynn, Gillian
     Gone Girl
Forrest, Bella
     A Shade of Vampire
Fortin, Angeline
     My Heart's in the Highlands
Foster, Lori
     The Watson Brothers
Fox, Cathryn
     Slow Ride
Frances, Adrienne
     Beyond the Orange Moon
     Under the Orange Moon
Frank, Ella
Frederick, Jen
     Losing Control
     Taking Control

Gabaldon, Diana
Gayle, Eliza
     The Billionaire's Demon
Geissinger, J.T.
     Shadow's Edge
Gill, Tamara
     A Gentleman's Promise
Gleason, Colleen
     The Rest Falls Away
     Rises the Night
Glines, Abbi
     The Vincent Brothers
Goldstone, Lawrence and Nancy
     Out of the Flames
Gow, Kailin
     Heat Volume 1
Grace, Melody
Graves, T.R.
     Grave Bound
Grayson, Emma
     Unbeautifully Loved
Grey, Autumn
Grey, Jessica
     Attempting Elizabeth
Gudger, Darcie J.

Haag, Melissa
Hagen, Layla
     Your Captivating Love
     Your Forever Love
     Your Inescapable Love
     Your Irresistible Love
Haig, Matt
     The Radleys
Hall, Marie
     The Wright Brother
Halle, Karina
     Before I Ever Met You
Halton, Linn B.
     The Quintessential Gemini
Hamilton, Kersten
     Yellow Copter
Hannah, Kristin
     The Nightingale
Harger, Ellen
     The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones
     Strong Enough
Harmon, Amy
     A Different Blue
Harper, Kelly
     Ruined by You
Harper, Molly
     Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs
Harrington, Hannah
Harrison, Kim
     The Undead Pool
Harrison, Lisi
     Monster High
Hart, Dani
Hart, Riley
     Shifting Gears
Hart, Staci
     Deer in Headlights
Hayes, Erin
     Death is but a Dream
Hayoz, Katie
Heaton, Felicity
     Bitten by a Hellcat
     Claimed by a Demon King
     Craved by an Alpha
     Haunted by the King of Death
     Her Sinful Angel
     Hunted by a Jaguar
     Kissed by a Dark Prince
     Marked by an Assassin
     Posessed by a Dark Warrior
     Taken by a Dragon
     Tempted by a Rogue Prince
Higgins, Wendy
     Sweet Evil
Hilaire, Tes
     Deliver Me
Hill, Liesel K.
     Persistence of Vision
Hillenbrand, Laura
Hollis, Kristal
     Awakened by the Wolf
     Rescued by the Wolf
Hoover, Colleen
Hope, Alexandra
     Requiem for Blood
Hopkins, Faleena
     Howard: The Underdog
Hoyt, Elizabeth
     The Raven Prince
     Wicked Intentions
Hunter, Evie
     The Pleasures of Winter
Hunting, Helena
      Between the Cracks
      Clipped Wings
      Cracks in the Armor
      Cupcakes and Ink
      Fractures in Ink
      Inked Armor
Huss, J.A.
     Anarchy Found
     Anarchy Missing
     Clutch (Sky Reviews edition)
     Come Back
     Coming for You
     Eighteen (18)
     Happily Ever After
     Losing Francesca
     The Magpie Bridge
     Meet Me in the Dark
     Mr. Corporate
     Mr. Match
     Mr. Mysterious
     Mr. Perfect
     Mr. Romantic
     Slack: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston
     Taking Turns
     Taut: The Ford Book
     Three, Two, One
     Wasted Lust

Ivey, Tasha
     Destiny Ever-Changing
     Every Breath

Jackson, A.L.
     Come to Me Quietly
     Come to Me Softly
James, Ella
     Beast Parts 1 and 2
     Beast Parts 3 and 4
     Red & Wolfe
     Red & Wolfe parts 2 and 3
     Red & Wolfe part 4
     Selling Scarlett
James, Emma
     A Little Faith
     Hope is Lost
James, Gemma
James, Lorelei
     What You Need
James, Paige
     Teaching Willow: Session One
     Teaching Willow: Session Two
     Teaching Willow: Session Three
     Teaching Willow: Session Four
Jayne, Dawn
Jeffries, Sabrina
     The Art of Sinning
     The Danger of Desire
     Ten Reasons to Stay
     What the Duke Desires
Johnson, Amber L.
     Eight Days a Week
     For Authentication Purposes
     Puddle Jumping
     Where We Fell
Johnson, Julie
     Like Gravity
Jones, Carrie
Jones, Darynda
     First Grave on the Right
Jones, Lisa Renee
     Escaping Reality
     If I Were You
Jones, Robyn
     Shadow Town
     Soul Bender
     Soul Twister
     Soul Walker (Sky Reviews Edition)
Jordan, Sophie

Kage, Linda
     Addicted to Ansley
Kalicicki, Missy
Kassan, Peter
Katmore, Anna
     Play With Me
Katsu, Alma
     The Taker
Keeland, Vi
     Playboy Pilot
Kennedy, Elle
Kenner, J.
     On My Knees
     Say My Name
     Release Me
     Under My Skin
Ketner, Abi
Knight, Evie
     Love by Design
Knox, Kim
     Dark Dealings
Krasne, Margo
     Appearances and Other Stories
Krisch, Sarah

Laban, Elizabeth
     The Tragedy Paper
LaFleur, Suzanne
     Listening for Lucca
Lain, Tara
     FAST Balls
     Fire Balls
     Fool of Main Beach
     Lord of a Thousand Steps
     Prince of the Playhouse
     Volley Balls
Lake, Keri
     Soul Avenged
Lance, Amanda
Landay, William
     Defending Jacob
Langlais, Eve
     A Demon and His Witch
Lark, Jane
     I Found You
Lauren, Christina
     Beautiful Bastard
Laurenston, Shelly
     Hunting Season
Law, Kim
     Ex on the Beach
Law, Susan Kaye
     Just Sex
Layne, Sandi
     Eire's Captive Moon
     Eire's Devil King
     Eire's Viking
Lee, Elizabeth
     Give Me Something
     Spend the Night Episode 1
     Spend the Night Episode 2
     Spend the Night Episode 3
Leighton, M.
     The Empty Jar
Linde, K.A.
     For the Record
     Off the Record
     On the Record
London, Heather
     Fall from Love
Louise, Tia
     One to Hold
Lowe, E. Van
     Boyfriend from Hell
     Earth Angel
Lynn, K.I.
     The Devil in Me

Mackenzie, Riley
     Beautifully Awake
Madsen, Cindi
     Getting Lucky Number Seven
Mafi, Tahereh
     Destroy Me
     Ignite Me
     Shatter Me
     Unravel Me
Mallory, Margaret
     The Guardian
Mankin, Michelle
     Captivating Bridge
     Dream Magic
     Enticing Interlude
     Find Me
     Irresistible Refrain
     Keep Me
     Love Evolution
     Love Rock'ollection Series
     Relentless Rhythm
     Remember Me
     Strange Magic
     Strange Magic part 2
     Tempting Tempo
Marchant, Jamie
     Demons in the Big Easy
Martin, Madeline
     Highland Spy
Mason, Dana
     Broken Embrace
     Dangerous Embrace
     Precious Embrace
Mathias, Kate
     Hiding in Plain Sight
     Worlds Apart
Mathieu, Jennifer
     The Truth About Alice
Maxlyn, Amanda
     What's Left of Me
     What's Left of Us
Mayburn, Ann
     Exquisite Trouble
McCarthy, Erin
McGarry, Katie
     Crash Into You
     Dare You To
     Pushing the Limits
McGinnis, Mindy
     The Female of the Species
McGuire, Jamie
     Sweet Nothing
McKeon, Angie
     Against All Odds
McLean, Jay
     Boy Toy
McQueen, Hildie
     Where the Four Winds Collide
Mead, Richelle
     The Fiery Heart
     The Glittering Court
     The Indigo Spell
     The Ruby Circle
     Silver Shadows
Meyers, Jen
     Happily Ever Now
Michael, Connie Ann
Michaels, Elle
     What Happens Tomorrow
Michele, P.T.
     Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story
Milan, Courtney
     The Governess Affair
Miles, Amy
Miller, Raine
     All In
     Eyes Wide Open
     Filthy Rich
     Rare and Precious Things
Mochizuki, Jun
     Pandora Hearts #1
Modica, Diana
     A Tour of Souls
Moffett, Julie
     The Thorn & the Thistle
Moning, Karen Marie
Morgenstern, Erin
     The Night Circus
Morris, Regina
     Eternal Service
Morrone, Vincent
     Vision of Shadows
Moss, Brooke
     Keeping Secrets in Seattle
Moyes, Jojo
     Me Before You
Mummert, Teresa
     Sweet Nothing


Nelson, Jandy
     I'll Give You the Sun
Nevins, D.H.
Newbury, Helena
     Acting Brave
     Dance for Me
     In Harmony
Nordgren, Tyler
     Sun Moon Earth (Jax Reviews)
Novak, Brenda
     A Matter of Grave Concern
     Come Home to Me
     Discovering You
     Finding Our Forever
     The Heart of Christmas
     No One But You
     The Secret Sister
     Take Me Home for Christmas
     This Heart of Mine
     Until You Loved Me

O'Brien, Tim
     The Things They Carried
Olerich, Laurie
O'Rourke, Erica
     The Torn Trilogy

Paige, Laurelin
     Hot Cop
Paige, Parker
     The Color Pink
Parent, Stephanie
     Forty Days
     Forty Nights
Parker, C.L.
     Coming Clean
     Getting Rough
     Playing Dirty
Parks, A.L.
     Return to Newport
Patrick, Elyssa
     Go With Me
     Stay With Me
Paul, Lisa N.
     Thursday Nights
Pauli, Frances
     Kundalis: Storm Dragon
Peach, Hanna
     Bound by Lies
     Bound Forever
     Girl Wife Prisoner
Pearl, Melissa
Peterson, Megan Joel
     The Children and the Blood
     Merlin's Children
     Taliesin Ascendant
Pierce, S.J.
     Captivate Me
     Destined for Fire
     Marked for Vengeance
     Tethered by Fate
Porter, Jane
     Flirting with Forty
Pratchett, Terry
      The Last Continent & Going Postal -- Jax Reviews
Proby, Kristen
     Fight With Me

Quinn, Emily
     One Wicked Night
Quinn, Meghan
     Becoming a Jett Girl

Rae, Nikki
Ravynheart, S.
     Secrets of the Dark
Reber, Tina
     Love Unrehearsed
     Love Unscripted
Reed, Nicole
     Ruining Me
     Ruining You
Reine, S.M.
     Six Moon Summer
Reiss, C.D.
     Jessica and Sharon
Rendfeld, Kim
     The Ashes of Heaven's Pillar
     The Cross and the Dragon
Reynolds, Abigail
     Morning Light
Reynolds, D.B.
Ridley, Erica
     The Viscount's Christmas Temptation
Rigaud, Heather
     Fitzwilliam Darcy: Rock Star
Riley, Lia
     Last First Kiss
Rinella, Diane
     Love's Erotic Flower
     Love's Forbidden Flower
     Time's Forbidden Flower
Ringle, Molly
     Persephone's Orchard
Riordan, Rick
     The Blood of Olympus (Sky Reviews)
Ritchie, Krista and Becca
     Addicted to You
Roberts, C.J.
     Captive in the Dark
     Seduced in the Dark
Robinson, Maggie
     Mistress by Marriage
Romig, Aleatha
Rose, Jordan K.
     The Demon Mistress
Rose, M.J.
     The Witch of Painted Sorrows
Rose, Nashoda
     With You
Rothert, Brenda
Rouda, Kaira
     Here, Home, Hope
Roux, Abigail
     According to Hoyle
Roux, Justus
     Strict Machine
Roy, Deanna
     Forever Innocent
     Forever Loved
Ruggerio, Bobbi
     Young Teacher
Ryan, Kendall
     When I Break
Ryan, Lori
     Legal Ease

Sabb, Elisabeth
     By the Rules
Sandberg, Jason
     Candy and the Cankersaur
Satrapi, Marjane
     The Complete Persepolis
Savage, Shay
Scott, Kylie
Shalvis, Jill
     Second Chance Summer
Shanley, Tera
     Silver Wolf Clan
Sheehan, Madeline
Silver, Anna
     Astral Tide
Silver, Dina
     One Pink Line
Simmons, L.B.
     Mending Hearts Series
     The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller
     Running in Place
Simone, Sierra
     Hot Cop
Sivec, Tara
     Seduction and Snacks
     Shame on You
Sjoberg, Lori
     Grave Intentions
Skiba, Camelia Miron
     Born in Sin
     Born in Vengeance
Skinner, Tricia
     Angel Bait
     Angel Kin
Skye, Brenda
Skye, Brooklyn
     Without You
Slatton, Traci L.
     The Love of My (Other) Life
Sloan, Harper
     Perfectly Imperfect
Smith, Andrea
     These Men & Still
Smith, William Leverne
     Murder by the Homeplace
Soule, Sherry
     Lost in Starlight
Staples, Fiona
Stark, Sabrina
Starr, Candy J.
     Bad Boy Rock Star
Steere, Marty
     Defiant Heart
Stephens, S.C.
Sterling, J.
     The Perfect Game
Stevens, E.J.
     Hunting in Bruges
Stiefvater, Maggie
     Wolves of Mercy Falls Series
     The Scorpio Races
St. Germain, Lili
     Seven Sons
Stiles, Trudy
     Dear Emily
     Dear Juliet
     Dear Tabitha
Strong, Mimi
Suede, Damon
     Pent Up
Summers, Eden
     Blind Attraction
Summers, Leighton
     Stupid by Choice
Swann, Ninette
     Just the Messenger

Tash, Leslea
     Bird After Bird
Taylor, Keary
     What I Didn't Say
Taylor, Nicole R.
     The Devil's Tattoo
Thwackery, William Codpiece
     50 Shades of Mr. Darcy
Torre, Alessandra
     Blindfolded Innocence
     These Men & Still
Torrest, T.
     Remember When Trilogy
Tretheway, Heidi Joy
     Tattoo Thief
Tucker, K.A.
     Four Seconds to Lose
Tyler, J.D.
     Primal Law



Van Dyken, Rachel
     The Bet
     The Ugly Duckling Debutante
Vaughan, Brian K.
Vernon, Magan
     Life, Love, and Lemons
Vincent, Rachel
     My Soul to Save
     My Soul to Take
     The Stars Never Rise
     With All My Soul
Voight, Ginger
     Masters for Life
     Rock Star
     The Undisciplined Bride

Wade, Rachel
     The Prisoner
     The Replacement
Walker, Julie Ann
     Devil and the Deep
     Hell or High Water
Walker, Kelly
     No One's Angel
Ward, H.M.
     The Arrangement #1
     The Arrangement #2
     Secrets #1
Ward, Laura
     Past Heaven
Ward, Penelope
     Playboy Pilot
     Stepbrother Dearest
Webb, Rita
     Playing Hooky
Webber, Tammara
Wells, Nicky
     7 Years Bad Sex
     Dead Hope
     Fairy Tale in New York
     Fallen for Rock
     Sophie's Encore
     Spirits of Christmas
Westerfeld, Scott
Wharton, Edith
     Ethan Frome
White, Kiersten
     And I Darken
Williams, Aria
     Banished from Grace
Williams, Nicole
Wilson, Randi Cooley
Wolfe, S.A.
Wolfe, Trisha
     The Darkest Part
     Fading Out
     Losing Track
     With Ties that Bind
     With Ties that Bind Book 2
     With Ties that Bind Book 3
     With Visions of Red
     With Visions of Red #2
     With Visions of Red #3
Wood, C.C.
     Bite Me
Woods, Alisa
     Heart of a Dragon
     Kiss of a Dragon
Woods, Serenity
     Six Naughty Nights
Workman, Michelle
     Touching Melody
Wylde, Joanna
     Reaper's Property



York, A.J.
     Delilah Dusticle
     Delilah Dusticle's Transylvanian Adventure
     A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story

Zapata, Mariana
     The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
Zusak, Markus
     The Book Thief

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